Unova Love

Nov. 13th, 2013 07:26 pm
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Title: Unova Love
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: K+
Warnings: Slash
Notes: Inspired by a prompt from the Imagine your OTP... blog at tumblr. This is also a birthday gift for a friend of mine over at LJ. Happy birthday Tins! <3
Summary: Snippets of life in Unova for certain pairs of trainers.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon. That honor goes to Nintendo!

1. Cotton Candy

There was excitement in the air, as per usual of a city like Nimbasa. Today was different however, a carnival had arrived from another region today, setting itself up in Nimbasa City’s amusement park. N didn’t quite understand what the big deal was, but Hilbert seemed excited and an excited Hilbert is a very cute Hilbert. Hilbert seemed especially adamant about going to the carnival after N said he had never been to one. It seemed as though the younger teen wanted to correct another mistake of his N’s father and take him.

N was sort of hoping that this would be a more private thing, but he didn’t mind too much that Cheren, Bianca, and Hilda had decided to come as well. N had a feeling that Hilda wanted to keep an eye on him, but eventually the other brunette teen got sucked into the fun of it all and ran off somewhere with Bianca and Cheren. N smiled, happy that he did decide to go to this carnival. The atmosphere was light and the colors of the rides were bright. He could see why Hilbert was upset about him missing out on this, it was an enjoyable event to be apart of.

He was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts by a weirdly shaped… treat? in front of him. It was pink and puffy and smelled sweet, so he assumed it was some sort of carnival candy. Holding it up to him was Hilbert, who was doing that cute smile that made N melt and want to hug the shorter teen.

“You seemed gloomy, so I bought you some cotton candy!” Hilbert said, bringing the treat closer to N’s face.

“I did? I’m sorry Hilbert. I didn’t mean to worry you.” N apologized, taking the cotton candy treat. Hilbert smiled and N took it as a sign of Hilbert forgiving him, or telling him that nothing was really wrong in the first place. N looked back down to the pink, swirly thing in his hand and looked it over.

“How do I eat this…?” N muttered, eyeing the thing further. Hilbert must have heard him, because he took the treat back and plucked some of it out and put the piece into his mouth. When Hilbert held the cotton candy back to him, N still didn’t quite understand why it needed to be eaten like that. Then what was the stick for? Seeing the confusion, Hilbert decided to take another piece and try to throw it into N’s mouth.

However, the shorter teen missed, having it land on N’s nose instead. After a couple of seconds of silence, Hilbert started laughing, realizing how ridiculous N looked with a big pink piece of cotton candy on his nose. N took the thing off and put it into his mouth, eyes going wide when the cotton candy disappeared in his mouth. That caused Hilbert to laugh more, which was practically music to N’s ears. Eventually the taller teen joined in on the laughter.

Once they were done, Hilbert dragged N over to Nimbasa’s famous ferris wheel. N saw Hilda, Cheren, and Bianca waving down at them from one of the carts. Hilbert waved back up at them before dragging N into one of the carts. When they got to the stop, Hilbert grabbed N’s hand and leaned against him, mumbling something about how he wished this was what their first time on the ferris wheel had been like. As N stared down at the colorful lights of the carnival and Nimbasa City, he couldn’t help but agree. So he leaned a little bit more on Hilbert and squeezed his hand, enjoying the view of the city with the teen he loved.

2. Study Hour (AO3)

Hugh hated studying. It was something he never really enjoyed, no matter how much Rosa reminded him that studying was also an important part of becoming a trainer. It’s always ‘you need to know which types are effective against each others’ this and ‘honestly it’s not going to kill you’ that. Honestly, she was starting to sound like Mr. Cheren from one of the classes down the hall. Some of the kids in his class claimed that all they did was study with one lesson for proper battling and blah blah blaaaaaaaah-

Ugh. Hugh really didn’t like Trainer School. He just wanted to go out on a journey and explore Unova with a team of Pokemon by his side. Was that too much to ask for? Apparently it was according to Hugh’s parents.

While Hugh continued to grumble to himself, he didn’t notice a brunet boy with a visor walk up behind him. Seeing an opportunity to scare the crazy-haired boy, the brunet slowly crept up behind Hugh and quickly placed his hands on the other boy’s shoulder, causing him to scream. When Hugh turned around, he quickly glared at his best friend for doing that. Honestly, how did Nate do that anyway? Nate was as loud as he was on a daily basis, much to Rosa’s annoyance.

“Why did you fucking-” Hugh started, before being viciously shushed by everyone in the library, including Nate. The difference, however, was that Nate was doing that stupid smile of his and was obviously teasing Hugh.

“What are you doing?” Hugh tried asking again, whispering this time. He glared when he saw Nate’s grin get wider.

“I saw you reading a book and I couldn’t help but be worried about you.” Nate answered, the teasing evident in his voice. “It’s not everyday I see you in the library! What’s the special occasion?”

Hugh continued to glare at Nate before returning to his book. He started grumbling about how ‘he was stuck with an annoying brunet for a friend’ and something that vaguely sounded like ‘can’t a guy read a book without being judged?’

“Hey! I’m not judging! I’m just surprised is all!” Nate said before also being viciously shushed by the other students in the library. Nate winced before waving an apology over the kids across the space from them. He turned his attention back to Hugh, who was hiding his face in the book he was “reading,” still continuing to curse everyone and everything for making him have to study for whatever it was he’s studying for.

Nate smiled, opening the book wider and sticking his head in the book as well. Hugh paused for a second, looking over at the brunet. In a flash, he felt Nate’s lips connect to his. He blushed madly before Nate pulled away, grinning at him again.

They were eventually kicked out the library for all the noise they - mainly Hugh after cursing the brunets existence, again - were making. The duo left the library, Nate being chased by Hugh all while laughing about how cute Hugh looked when he’s embarrassed.


A/N: Prompt one: Imagine your OTP going to a carnival and Character A tries to feed Character B some of their cotton candy but they miss and it gets stuck on Character B’s nose.

Prompt two: Imagine your OTP sharing a kiss in a library, hiding their faces behind a book.

Hope you enjoyed this Tins! <3 Happy birthday!!!

Date: 2013-11-14 01:14 pm (UTC)
tintenstern: (isshus)
From: [personal profile] tintenstern
‘can’t a guy read a book without being judged?’


so fluffy and cute ahohaoghadog I squealed (and laughed) while reading these <33333 thank you so much!


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