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Title: Shine Bright Tonight
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: K
Warnings: Slash
Notes: Inspired by a prompt from the Imagine your OTP... blog at tumblr.
Summary: Just another night for Hilbert and Calem to spend together.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon. That honor goes to Nintendo!

According to the weather reports for tonight, it was supposed to be nice, crystal-clear night and Hilbert was thankful for that. Earlier that week, he had planned on borrowing his father’s truck so he could go out with Calem tonight. With the way the weather had been earlier this week, Hilbert was worried that he would have to cancel on Calem, but it seemed like he was (thankfully) wrong. It was Friday too, so neither him or Calem had work today or school to worry about the next morning.

So when the final bell had rung for the day, Hilbert dashed out of the classroom and to Calem’s locker, stealing the black haired boy away from his usual group of friends. He laughed when he heard Serena shout at them to ‘not get into any sort of funny business tonight’ and that ‘Calem is very delicate I mean have you seen his skin tone?’ much to Calem’s (and sort of his) embarrassment.

“You know she’s only looking out for you!” Hilbert said, still laughing when he heard Calem mutter something under in French. He wasn’t sure what, but he knew he heard Serena’s name and had a feeling Calem was going to get back at her somehow.

When Hilbert and Calem reached Hilbert’s truck, they put their backpacks in the back seat and started driving around the town. They had stopped at a local diner, played a couple of arcade games together, and when it started getting dark out, Hilbert drove them to a nice secluded area. He asked Calem to grab and blankets and pillows in the back seat, which confused Calem for a second before he decided to do it, knowing how odd Hilbert could be sometimes.

So Calem grabbed the blankets and pillow and handed them to Hilbert, who was in the bed of the truck arranging them in a sort of nest-looking thing.

“What are you doing?” Calem asked, glancing at the mess of pillows and blankets in confusion.

“You’ll see!” Hilbert said excitedly. When he finished, he gestured for Calem to hop in with him, which the black haired teen reluctantly did. Once they both were in the bed of the truck, Hilbert grabbed some of the blankets he didn’t use for them to lay on and wrapped it around the two, which caused a slight blush to spread across Calem’s face. Calem and Hilbert scooted closer to each other, and Calem rested his head against Hilbert’s shoulder, sighing at the warm coming off between the two of them. Calem noticed Hilbert pull two things out from under the mess of pillow and handed one of them to Calem.

“Hot chocolate.” Hilbert said, smiling at the other teen. Calem smiled back and starting sipping the warm drink, along with Hilbert.

“The stars look so nice tonight.” Calem mumbled.

“Yeah, I’m glad the weather cleared up just in time for this.” Hilbert said, laying his head slightly on top of Calem’s as they started up into sky.


A/N: Imagine your OTP laying in the bed of a truck in a bunch of pillows. wrapped in a blanket, cuddling under the stars.
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