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Title: Different Places, Different Endings
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: K+
Warnings: Slash
Notes: Inspired by prompts from the OTP Prompts blog at tumblr. This is also a birthday gift for a friend of mine over at LJ. Happy birthday Tins!!! <3 One of them is missing and I have no idea where it went... I'll post it separately when I do find it for you though!
Summary: Different scenes for different relationships.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Pokemon. That honor goes to Nintendo!

1. Silly Arguments between Husbands

“Cheren, we need to talk about this.” Hilbert said, crossing his arms and trying to glare at his husband of almost seven years (it’ll be seven this year, much to both of their delights).

“We really don’t. It’ll be up to her.” Cheren countered, giving Hilbert a blank look. “Honestly, aren’t you bringing this up a little early?”

“Yeah well… You can never be too prepared!” Hilbert said, grinning at Cheren. “Don’t you usually say that to me?”

Cheren sighed, muttering something under his breath about how ‘ridiculous this was’ and ‘seriously Hilbert, it’s not that big of a deal’. Hilbert starting laughing from the couch, and Cheren gave a small smile. Hilbert’s laugh was always nice to hear, even in the midst of this ridiculous argument.

“Okay, okay!” Hilbert said, starting to calm down from his laughing fit. “But just agree with me that we’ll try to convince Adrian that Oshawott is the way to go?” Hilbert was giving Cheren that look, somewhere between trying to look serious and pouting at the same time. Cheren found it adorably frustrating, since if he didn’t agree with Hilbert, he might be sleeping on the couch or Hilbert will ignore him for the rest of the night.

Not to mention Snivy was the better starter anyway, no matter what Hilbert said.

“I will not agree with that now because Adrian is just four years old andSnivyisbetteranyway.” Cheren answered, rushing the last part of his sentence. Hilbert threw a pillow at him from the couch, which Cheren was able to dodge easily. Soon other pillows started being flung at the raven haired man. “Hilbert would you please stop? You’re acting like a kid-”

“Daddy? Papa? What are you doing?” a voice said from around the corner, causing Cheren to stop (and get hit by a pillow in the process, and he subtlety glared at Hilbert who did a small fist pump).

“Don’t worry Adrian, your Papa is just childish, that’s all.”

“Am not!”

“And you’re proving my point.” Cheren deadpanned.

“Adrian honey, if you can have any of the starter Pokemon in Unova, which would you pick?” Hilbert said sweetly. “It’d be Oshawott right? You saw how amazing Papa’s Samurott is!”

“Please, she’ll probably say Snivy. She’s seen how amazing my Serperior is, right Adrian?”

“Noooo she’ll say Oshawott!”



“Tepig!” Adrian said, jumping up and down. “I want a Tepig like Auntie Hilda and Auntie Bianca! It’s super cool! It shoots fire like, ‘BOOSH!’ or ‘BOOM!’ when it hit something or…”

While Adrian gushed about Tepig’s strength and how cute it was, Hilbert and Cheren stood there stunned a little. ‘TEPIG?!’ they both thought. Cheren broke out of his surprise first and faced his husband, who was starting to make odd noises of distress.

“Hilbert,” Cheren said, gaining Hilbert’s attention. “The next time you see your sister, please talk to her and Bianca about giving our daughter odd ideas.”

“You got it. I know she would have said Oshawott if Hilda didn’t say anything!” Hilbert complained.

2. Bad Days Turned Good

It was just one thing after another for Lance today. First he spilled his coffee on himself (which hurt, by the way), possibly pissed his dear cousin Clair off, angered his Dragonite with his careless actions, and now… the worst thing possible happened. He accidentally tugged his cape on something in the Dragon’s Den and it ripped. Worst of all, Silver was there when it happened and he was 100 percent sure that the redheaded trainer took a picture of him nearly in tears over said cape and was laughing at him!

“I’ll get Silver back next time for that. How dare he…” Lance muttered, holding his torn cape over his arm. “My poor cape though…” He may have at least twenty more capes like this one at home, but this one was special to him. He had worn it when he became Champion of the Kanto-Johto Pokemon League. You can’t just replace something like that.

Lance sighed again, wondering what exactly he did to deserve a day like this. Was it because of something he may have done to Green (who will thank him later) or to Silver some weeks ago? Honestly, Lance was a pretty good person. He rarely did anything bad, so of course he’d be confused by the sudden ‘karma’, as he’s dubbing it, happening to him.

“Mr. Lance?” a young voice said from behind him. He turned around and faced the person, and started grinning when he saw that it was Ethan. ‘And Lyra is with him too!’

“Hello you two! How are two of my favorite trainers?” Lance asked, mood instantly brightening. These two had a talent for doing that for him, unlike their redheaded friend (not that Silver annoyed him in anyway, it’s just that Silver was better at giving Lance chances to act different than he would with other trainers, more mischievous if you would).

“We’re doing great!” Lyra answered, giving Lance one of her loveliest grins. Lance smiled back, and then took notice to the sign that the girl was carrying around her neck.

“‘Free Hugs’?” Lance read, giving the two trainers an odd look.

“Yeah! It was my idea.” Ethan said, standing proud. “We wanted to make everyone feel happy this week since things haven’t been so good lately. So I suggested that we go around hugging people! What makes someone happier than a hug?” Lance hummed, agreeing with the statement. Hugs did make everything better.

Before he could say something else, he felt the two of them squeeze around his waist, giving him a… pretty strong hug for two trainers their age.

“Silver sent us a message about how today hasn’t really been your day.” Lyra said, looking up at him. “So we flew from Violet City to here!”

“We hope this makes you happier Mr. Lance!” Ethan said, grinning at him. “No one likes to hear that someone as cool as you is upset.”

The two trainers broke away from the hug, giving Lance a two fingered salute before dashing off to other people to see if they wanted a free hug as well. Lance stood there for a couple of minutes, a little bit surprised by what had happened, but mostly the news that Silver might have been concerned for him. He grinned to himself, savoring the moment and then continued walking.

Maybe Silver won’t get payback from him… or at least something too severe. Lyra and Ethan saved him this time, but he wasn’t going to complain. He got a free hug from his two favorite Johto trainers, after all.


A/N: Prompt #1 - Imagine your OTP/OT3 live in the Pokemon world and get into a silly argument over what to give their child as their first Pokemon.

(The funny thing here is that Cheren and Hilbert don't need to be in a complete AU for this to actually happen.)

Prompt #2 - Imagine Person A having a horrible day and running into Person B, who’s standing on the sidewalk with a “Free Hugs” sign.
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